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The Fundação Bienal de São Paulo is a vibrant institution that conceives and implements artistic, educational and social initiatives. In addition to producing the event that energizes the art world every two years, it holds activities all year round in a pavilion that is emblematic of Brazilian modernist architecture as well as inside and outside of Brazil. A cultural institution with no political or religious affiliations, the Fundação Bienal seeks to introduce new ideas, provoke debates and educate the eye of the public with an ever-renewing sense of restlessness, purpose and questioning.

Founded by businessman Francisco Matarazzo Sobrinho (also known as Ciccillo) on May 8, 1962, the institution also houses a historical archive on modern and contemporary art seen as a benchmark in Latin America. The aim of the institution is to democratize access to culture and stimulate interest in artistic creation. Activities include guided tours of the exhibitions, training sessions for teachers, in-person and distance courses, lectures and seminars.

The Fundação Bienal benefits from a set group of contributors who work collaboratively in order to ensure the quality of the projects and the development of sustainable initiatives aligned with the challenges of our time.

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There are many art exhibitions, fairs, museums of all types and a variety of festivals, but there is only one Bienal de São Paulo. The biggest exhibition in the southern hemisphere, the Bienal is driven by innovative facets of the contemporary art scene, drawing over 500,000 people at every edition. Each Bienal attracts the attention of the entire world, boosting the economy in the city of São Paulo and reaffirming the missions that guided its creation: dedication to the visual arts, education of the public and development of the Brazilian cultural scene.

Admission to the Bienal is free to the public throughout its three-month duration. In parallel to the exhibition, an intensive program of events is held, comprised of debates, seminars, performances and presentations, with activities designed for a variety of audiences. Much more than just an art exhibition, the Bienal is a catalyst for meetings, events and economic activity – the exhibition generates approximately R$ 300 million in business for the city, where it is the sixth largest event on the calendar in terms of visitors.

Beyond the Horizon

Fundação Bienal activities have an impact that extends well beyond the city and the nation. In the year following each Bienal de São Paulo, selections from the exhibition travel to different cities in Brazil and abroad thanks to partnerships established with museums, cultural institutions and public and private organizations in different regions in a traveling show. Presented to a variety of audiences, the exhibition takes on new meanings and perspectives, helping to fuel cultural debate.

The Fundação Bienal de São Paulo is also responsible for conceiving and producing the showcase of Brazilian art and architecture for each Venice Biennale, in a collaborative effort by the Fundação Bienal and the executive branches responsible for Foreign Affairs and Culture at the federal government. Since 1995, the mission of choosing the curators who, in turn, select the artists to represent the country at the event, has been handed by the Brazilian government to the institution, acknowledging its historical importance, as well as its prominent role in the contemporary cultural agenda.

Meet our team


Francisco Matarazzo Sobrinho · 1898–1977 · Chairman Emeritus

Governing board
Julio Landmann · President
Alfredo Egydio Setubal · Vice President

Lifetime Members
Adolpho Leirner
Beatriz Pimenta Camargo
Beno Suchodolski
Carlos Francisco Bandeira Lins
Cesar Giobbi
Elizabeth Machado
Jens Olesen
Julio Landmann
Marcos Arbaitman
Maria Ignez Corrêa da Costa Barbosa
Pedro Aranha Corrêa do Lago
Pedro Paulo de Sena Madureira
Roberto Muylaert
Rubens José Mattos Cunha Lima

Alberto Emmanuel Whitaker
Alfredo Egydio Setubal
Ana Helena Godoy de Almeida Pires
Andrea Matarazzo (on leave)
Antonio Henrique Cunha Bueno
Cacilda Teixeira da Costa
Camila Appel
Carlos Alberto Frederico
Carlos Augusto Calil
Carlos Jereissati Filho
Claudio Thomaz Lobo Sonder
Daniela Villela
Danilo Santos de Miranda
Eduardo Saron
Flávio Moura
Fábio Magalhães
Geyze Marchesi Diniz
Gustavo Ioschpe
Heitor Martins
Helio Seibel
Isabel Lutz
Jackson Schneider
João Carlos de Figueiredo Ferraz
Joaquim de Arruda Falcão Neto
José Berenguer
José Olympio da Veiga Pereira (on leave)
Kelly Pinto de Amorim
Lucio Gomes Machado
Luis Terepins
Ligia Fonseca Ferreira
Maguy Etlin
Manoela Queiroz Bacelar
Marcelo Eduardo Martins
Marcelo Mattos Araujo (on leave)
Marisa Moreira Salles
Miguel Wady Chaia
Neide Helena de Moraes
Octavio de Barros
Rodrigo Bresser Pereira
Ronaldo Cezar Coelho
Rosiane Pecora
Sérgio Spinelli Silva Jr.
Susana Leirner Steinbruch
Tito Enrique da Silva Neto
Victor Pardini

Audit Board
Alberto Emmanuel Whitaker
Carlos Alberto Frederico
Eduardo Saron
Octavio de Barros · alternate

International Advisory Board
Maguy Etlin · President
Pedro Aranha Corrêa do Lago · Vice President
Barbara Sobel
Bill Ford
Catherine Petitgas
Debora Staley
Frances Reynolds
Kara Moore
Mariana Clayton
Miwa Taguchi-Sugiyama
Paula and Daniel Weiss
Renee and Robert Drake
Sandra Hegedüs
Sarina Tang

Honorary Board
Alex Periscinoto
Edemar Cid Ferreira
Heitor Martins
João Carlos de Figueiredo Ferraz
Jorge Eduardo Stockler
Julio Landmann
Luis Terepins
Luiz Diederichsen Villares
Manoel Francisco Pires da Costa
Roberto Muylaert

Board of Directors
José Olympio da Veiga Pereira · President
Marcelo Mattos Araujo · Vice-President
Andrea Pinheiro · Second Vice-President
Ana Paula Martinez
Daniel Sonder
Fernando Schuler
José Francisco Pinheiro Guimarães
Luiz Lara

Governance Structure


Antônio Thomaz Lessa Garcia ·
chief operating officer

Caroline Carrion · chief communications officer
Felipe Isola · chief project officer
Joaquim Millan · adjunct chief project officer

Dora Silveira Corrêa · project advisor

Giovanna Querido · assistant to the chief operating officer


Dorinha Santos · production coordinator
Simone Lopes Lira · outreach and mediation production coordinator
Bernard Lemos Tjabbes
Camila Cadette Ferreira
Maíra Ramos
Manoel Borba


André Leitão
Danilo Pêra Pereira

Research and outreach
Thiago Gil de Oliveira Virava · coordinator
Diana Dobránszky
Regiane Ishii

Bienal Archive

Ana Luiza de Oliveira Mattos · manager
Amanda Pereira Siqueira
Ana Paula Andrade Marques
Antonio Paulo Carretta
Daniel Malva Ribeiro
Marcele Souto Yakabi
Melânie Vargas de Araujo
Olívia Tamie B. Okasima
Pedro Ivo Trasferetti von Ah
Raquel Coelho Moliterno
Leandro Melo (conservation advisor)
Júlia Maia Lisboa


Ana Elisa de Carvalho Price · coordinator – design
Cristina Fino · coordinator – editorial
Adriano Campos
Eduardo Lirani
Julia Bolliger Murari
Luiza Alvez
Marina Franco
Rafael Falasco

Institutional Relations and Partnerships

Irina Cypel · manager
Deborah Moreira
Raquel Silva
Viviane Teixeira

Administrative and Finance

Amarildo Firmino Gomes · manager
Edson Pereira de Carvalho
Fábio Kato
Silvia Andrade Simões Branco

Planning and Operations
Rone Amabile
Vera Lucia Kogan

Human Resources
Higor Tocchio
Renata Monteiro

Materials and Property
Valdomiro Rodrigues da Silva · manager
Angélica de Oliveira Divino
Daniel Pereira
Larissa Di Ciero Ferradas
Victor Senciel
Vinícius Robson da Silva Araújo
Wagner Pereira de Andrade

Information Technology
Ricardo Bellucci