Skate Sessions in Ibirapuera
29 Jul 2016
, ©Pedro Ivo Trasferetti / Fundação Bienal de São Paulo
Photo sessions of the encounter Skate and Contemporary Art in Ibirapuera, activation program of Koo Jeong-A's sculpture at the 32nd Bienal

The encounter Skate and Contemporary Art in Ibirapuera, held on July 28, had the presence of skateboarders and art students to discuss the history of skateboarding in Ibirapuera Park, its conscious use and the work of Korean artist Koo Jeong, participating in the 32nd Bienal with a skatepark sculpture that will be activated by the public. The event had the participation of Cesar Gyrão, Fábio Bolota Britto (Ibiraboy) and Sandro Testinha (Ong Social Skate).