13 Oct 2016
Kalevala Sessions with Pia Lindman
Pia Lindman invites the public to a bone setting therapy based on an old Finnish medical practice

For the #32bienal, the artist Pia Lindman built Nose, Ears, Eyes, an earthen cabin constructed using traditional Brazilian techniques (such as mud-wall). The cabin can be seen in the Bienal Pavilion. Functioning simultaneously as a natural oxygen generator and a diversifying symbiotic co-habitat, this cabin hosts microbiomes, ceremonies, jamming and healing sessions, as well as other gatherings inviting all forms of organic and inorganic life to an exploration of both the mythical and the scientific in life processes.

Each week, the artist will practice Kalevala sessions with visitors to the #32bienal. Kalevala is a bone-alignment therapy taught only by the Kansanlääkintäseura association in Finland. Offering healing therapies, Pia Lindman is able to detect energy in the form of halos, movements and blockages in the receiver. Sometimes, these energy flows appear to the artist as colors, animals and other living beings. These apparitions are then taken as the inspiration for drawings in India ink and pastel, which she produces during the treatment. Though these are actually paintings, Lindman prefers to call them diagrams.

Pia Lindman describes how she came to study the practice: ‘a year ago, I dreamt that I could see living people’s bones. I pursued the memory of this dream by taking a class in Kalevala Bone Setting. As soon as I sat down and wrapped my fingers around a pair of human feet waiting to be treated I reconnected with the feeling I had in the dream. To me, giving Kalevala treatments is a creative event where the person being treated, myself, and a communal idea of care and collaboration come together. To give a Kalevala treatment is to read the particular language of one body. I come close to a very minute and real reality of life: bones, ligaments, cells, fluids, but also will and emotion. If there ever was a mystery of life, I can sense it the strongest in these moments.’

Kalevala sessions with Pia Lindman are held on Wednesdays at the Nose, Ears, Eyes space at 11am and 3pm. The artist is joined by the musician Eduardo Brechó for music therapies. See how you can take part:


Kalevala sessions last two hours.

The sessions are held by appointment only on the scheduled dates.

Appointments can be made in person at the visitor attendance desk located in front of MAM-SP – the main entrance to the 32 nd Bienal.

Appointments will be made in order of arrival.

Delays of longer than 10 minutes will result in cancellation of the appointment.

In the event of a no-show, the next person on the waiting list will be contacted by telephone.

Kalevala session requirements

The visitor cannot be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The visitor must declare if he or she suffers from a known heart condition.

The visitor may wear underwear or swimwear during the treatment.

All electronic devices must be switched off.

The sessions are individual only. Companions are not allowed inside the cabin during treatment.