02 Feb 2017
32nd Bienal on tour
Fourteen cities and towns in Brazil and abroad will host 'Live Uncertainty's traveling shows

Moving ahead with the traveling shows that began with the 29th Bienal, the 32nd edition, which drew 900 thousand visitors in 2016, will take selections of the exhibited works to cities and towns in Brazil and abroad throughout 2017. Traveling shows will visit the following cities in Brazil: Campinas/SP, Belo Horizonte/MG, Ribeirão Preto/SP, Brasília/DF, Cuiabá/MT, São José dos Campos/SP, São José do Rio Preto/SP, Garanhuns/PE, Palmas/TO, Santos/SP, Itajaí/SC and Fortaleza/CE. International installments are already confirmed for Bogotá/Colombia and Porto/Portugal.

Entitled INCERTEZA VIVA [Live Uncertainty], the 32nd Bienal takes uncertainty as its central theme in order to reflect upon the present conditions of life in times of continuous change and on the strategies contemporary art can offer for absorbing or inhabiting these uncertainties. What the exhibition hopes to engender are cosmological thinking, environmental and collective intelligence and natural and systemic ecologies. The Bienal was curated by Jochen Volz and the curators Gabi Ngcobo (South Africa), Júlia Rebouças (Brazil), Lars Bang Larsen (Denmark) and Sofía Olascoaga (Mexico).

Of the 81 artists and collectives that exhibited at the 32 nd Bienal—75% of the works were specially commissioned—36 have confirmed their participation in the traveling shows, namely: Alicia Barney (Colombia), Ana Mazzei (Brazil), Bárbara Wagner (Brazil), Bené Fonteles (Brazil), Carla Filipe (Portugal), Carolina Caycedo (Colombia), Charlotte Johannesson (Sweden), Cecília Bengolea and Jeremy Deller (Argentina/UK), Dalton Paula (Brazil), Dineo Seshee Bopape (South Africa), Ebony G. Patterson (Jamaica), Eduardo Navarro (Argentina), Felipe Mujica (Chile), Francis Alÿs (Belgium), Gabriel Abrantes (USA), Gilvan Samico (Brazil), Grada Kilomba (Portugal), Güneş Terkol (Turkey), Hito Steyerl (Germany), Heather Phillipson (UK), Jonathas de Andrade (Brazil), Leon Hirszman (Brazil), Maria Tereza Alves (Brazil), Mariana Castillo Deball (Mexico), Mmakgabo Helen Sebidi (South Africa), OPAVIVARÁ! (Brazil), Öyvind Fahlström (Brazil), Pierre Huyghe (France), Priscila Fernandes (Portugal), Rachel Rose (USA), Rayyane Tabet (Lebanon), Rikke Luther (Denmark), Sonia Andrade (Brazil), Vídeo nas Aldeias (Brazil), Wilma Martins (Brazil), Wlademir Dias-Pino (Brazil).

About the traveling show program

The traveling show program featuring selected works from the São Paulo Bienal is an initiative now in its fourth edition. The traveling shows from the 29th Bienal, in 2011, and the 30th, in 2013, drew 411 thousand visitors. The 2015 traveling show (31 st Bienal) visited 13 cities and was seen by over a quarter of a million people. For the 32nd Bienal, the Foundation reprises its partnerships with SESC-SP, FAAP, Fundação Clóvis Salgado (Belo Horizonte-MG), Secretaria de Estado de Cultura - SEC (Cuiabá- MT) and Fundação de Serralves (Portugal). True to its mission to broaden the Bienal’s range beyond the São Paulo-Rio axis, new institutional partners were brought aboard for this edition of the traveling shows: national SESC and the Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá (Colombia).