The Fundação Bienal Is Reelected as the Representative of the Cultural Institutions of Ibirapuera Park
20 May 2019
Aerial view of Ibirapuera Park and its cultural infrastructure Roman Atamanczuk / FBSP,
The project of the park’s concession should be an important topic on the board’s discussion agenda in this new term

In elections conducted on May 5 by the Ibirapuera Park Management Board, the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo was once again appointed as the official representative of the cultural institutions located in Ibirapuera Park. The board consists of members from civil society (frequenters of the park and local entities), workers, and representatives from government agencies.

During its first mandate, exercised since May 2017, the Fundação Bienal actively participated in discussions concerning the project of the park’s concession, a theme that should be an important topic on the board’s discussion agenda in this new term. Priorities of action for 2019 include proposals for improvements around the park’s infrastructure, its landscapes and natural resources, guidelines for operational plans, monitoring, events, sectorization, legal framework and urban insertion.

For the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo, its reelection demonstrates the recognition of the community in regard to the “alignment between the Bienal’s initiatives and the values making up its institutional mission, aiming at the democratization of access to culture and while assuming responsibility in relation to the city. The Fundação Bienal’s path – headed increasingly toward the diverse publics of São Paulo – also passes through its immediate surroundings, the park.”